• Shantanu Netralaya is one of the top class eye care centre in Varanasi, India. Dr. Manisha Mishra is one of the best squint surgeons in Varanasi and she is an expert in cataract and squint surgery. https://g
  • Before you opt for the best eye specialist in Varanasi, make sure that you have an insurance plan and try to take recommendations from your family & friends. Additionally, look for the reviews online about the doctor that you are going to visit
  • If you want your eyes to be in top-notch condition, then make sure you clear your eyes with cold & running water. Other than this, take foods that are rich in vitamins. Lastly, pay a regular visit to a Retina specialist in Varanasi
  • Children catch illnesses easily, but when it comes to the eye, you should never overlook them. Contact a child eye specialist in Varanasi when needed. https://g
  • Lens replacement is basically a surgical problem that can be done by the best eye doctor in Varanasi in order to improve vision problems. In this, the natural lens of the eye is removed while an artificial lens is used to replace it
  • Shantanu Netralaya is one of the best cornea specialist centre in Varanasi. The cornea defects are not uncommon, don’t ignore glasses, flashes, floaters, or vision loss, and get treated by the best cornea specialist in Varanasi today. https://g
  • Established in the year 1990, Shantanu Netralaya is the best eye specialist in Varanasi for providing state-of-the-art patient care, expanding human resources for medical education and undertaking key areas of research to find problems for the most c
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  • If your vision gets cloudy because you have a cataract, a good cataract surgeon can help you to go for surgery to remove the lens of your eye and replace it with an artificial one
  • Squint eyes over the years have been looked down on as a black spot on the beauty of humans. It causes numerous problems for girls/boys who are looking to get married
  • Finding a great ophthalmologist in Varanasi is now easier. Logon to Shantanu Netralaya dot com and book your appointment today. For more info please call us: 0542 231 1386 | https://g
  • If contact is used for long with sunbathing, then it can lead to slight discomfort in your eyes. Additionally, the cornea would begin to swell up which can make the lenses sit a bit tighter. This can lead to temporary redness & irritation
  • There are a number of reasons why you should visit the Best eye specialist doctor in Varanasi due to the fact that there are a number of eye problems that should not be ignored. Some of these conditions could be blurry eyes, Lasik, and cloudy vision
  • A super-specialty and Retina Specialist in Varanasi, Shantanu Netralaya envision providing affordable and quality eye health care with compassion and using the latest technology under the supervision and guidance of experienced and trained retina spe
  • Without healthy eyes, your life colorless, If you facing any problem related to your eyes then contact the best eye surgeon in Varanasi today. Shantanu Netralaya is providing all kinds of eye diseases at affordable prices with extraordinary results
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  • The eyes are an important organ of our body and without them, our life will be colorless and joyless. So do not ignore all kinds of eyes problems
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