Mileage Global - Destination management company in Delhi

The travel industry is a very big place. You may have worked in it for many years and still never heard of a destination management company. Mileage Global can give you a dream team outing to the hottest trending corporate destinations anywhere in the world and in India. We offer you turnkey corporate offsites with exciting team building activities suited to each particular venue. Share your team dream with us. Mileage Global will make it come true for you.

If you haven’t, though, you could be missing out on some important business opportunities. To celebrate The Travel Corporation’s expansion of our DMC offering, we’re giving the low-down on these crucial pieces of the travel and tourism puzzle. Let’s take a look.

Our Services:

* Team outing
* Team building
* Virtual team building activities
* Hybrid team building activities
* Online team building activities
* Indoor/Outdoor Games

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