Smiling Foot Custom Patches Arts in Port Blair - Hobby на 14.11.2018

Smiling Foot Custom Patches

3 INR.
Smiling Foot Custom Patches

It must be a foot from a tiny baby, opening wild eyed, eager to know how does the world like. It is not hard to guess how happy when seeing their baby and how they want to keep the moment forever. As the time pass by ,the little foot will be bigger as their body growing up. They will walk a long way, viewing lots of landscapes, meeting various people like or dislike till the end. Life is such a strange thing that you cannot control the starting ,nor ending. What can we do is to keep on your walking towards to your target.

Each Smiling Foot Custom Patches with yellow and black, covers 50% Embroidery. We do hope our Embroidered Patches can go many places together with you.

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