Lovely Monster Cheap Custom Patches Clothes in Port Blair - Clothers and footear на 28.11.2019

Lovely Monster Cheap Custom Patches

1.21 INR.
Lovely Monster Cheap Custom Patches

A monster is usually a strange creature whose frightening appearance and destructive power threaten the social or moral order of the human world.They are usually of huge size and have the appearance of a ferocious face, with great destructive power, the general human weapons are difficult to hurt this monster.most movies and TV shows, monsters usually act as villains and are the enemies of human beings.But today we're going to talk about a very cute little monster, which is also the pattern iron on this patch, and you can't even relate it to the word monster because it's too darn cute

Lovely Monster Cheap Custom Patches each patch measures in 1 inches wide (measured from the widest point) by 1 inches tall, with 100% embroidery. Order Embroidered Patches. If you have any requirement, you can contact us immediately.

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