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Ditel S45 45cm Ku band marine tv antenna

171 550 INR.
Ditel S45 45cm Ku band marine tv antenna

The Ditel S45 offers one of the highest signal strength available with a 45cm (17.7”) reflectors, significantly increasing the coverage area.With Pre-programmed satellite datebase, users can select satellite via PC or Phone APP after connected with the USB,Wifi interface design ACU.It is widely used in anywhere in the world as long as the area of Minimum EIRP is over 48dBW.
Standard Features
1.Automatic Satellite Search and Skew Control
2.Accurate Signal Acquisition by Ditel's Distinctive Algorithm
3.Pre-programmed Satellite Database
4.Brake System
5.2-axis stability , 4-axis tracking providing always-on TV singal and HD TV program
6.USB,Wifi interface designe ACU,users can remote control the antenna on their mobil ternimal such PC or Handphone App in the future, this function is under development.
7.circular and liner polorizaton compatible LNB
8.Military level electronic componets

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