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Business Printed Patches No Minimum

1.25 INR.
Business Printed Patches No Minimum

In English, the business also writes bisynes, generally refers to the meaning of "commercial", as well as the meaning of transactions, commerce, business, and industry. In addition, it also has the meaning of duties, duties, internal affairs, and rights. Business is an economic activity that causes goods to flow by means of trading, and also refers to the national economic department that organizes the circulation of goods. Business is the basis for some people to provide qualified materials or services to customers, obtain the consent of customers and profit from them, and provide necessary places or activities for the society and others. And the person or unit that obtains the profit, such as factory production products, trade circulation materials, wholesale diversion goods, retail sales goods, service industry services.

The Business Printed Patches No Minimum measures about 2.4 inches wide by 3.1 inches tall, the size of the patch can be customized according to your requirements. The patch is merrowed border and no backing. It is made by printed patches, the picture is very clear. If you like this kind of patch, you can take your favorite picture to us, and our designer will design the unique printed patches for you. Welcome to order our custom printed patches no minimum.

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