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    Technical Specification Model: HV 361 Entry Width: 230 mm. Shred Size: 4 x 40 mm. Running Cycle: 15-20 Minute on 20-30 Minute Off. Sheet Capacity: 20-25 Sheets A4 Size 70 gsm.
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    Product Specifications: Brand: Hindvanture Model: Multi 10 Mix Note Counting Machine Mixed Denomination Value Counting: INR10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 2000
  • 49 990 INR.
    Technical Specification Model: HV S20 Entry Width: 300 mm. Shred Size: 6 mm. Running Cycle: 1.5 Hour Continue Shredding Approx.. Sheet Capacity: 22-27 Sheets A4 Size 70 gsm.
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    Technical Specification Model: HVC-A3. Cutting Capacity: Max 10-12 Sheets A3, 70 GSM. Size: 17.5inch. Paper Clamp: Manual. Cutting Width: 250mm. Dimension: 68x40x6 cm. Weight: 4 Kg. Approx..
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    Specifications: Brand: Hindvanture Power Consumption: 60 Watts Noise Level: Less than 70 dB Binding Speed: 2 seconds per cycle Paper Tape Size: 20160 mm Net Weight: 5 kg
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    Saves Times and Labor Costs Easy to Use Counts 600 billsminute, With Addition and Batch function Specifications Versatiles:100-240V 5060Hz ACDC 4AA Batteries not Included
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    Brand Hindvanture Model HVC 350 Cutting Capacity 350 Sheets70gsmCutting Size Cutting Size A3 A4 18 Inch Blade Size Paper Clamp Manual Cutting Width 458mm Cutting Height 40 mm
  • Hello friends In this video we have brought you the revision of top 10 currency counting machine, in this video you will see the complete video of currency counting machine of kavinstar and godrej
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    Hindvanture HV S35 Strip Cut Heavy Duty Industrial Paper Shredder Machine Shred Upto 40-45 Sheets at a time Technical Specification Model: HV S35 Entry Width: 300 mm. Shred Size: 8 mm.
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    Saves Times and Labor Costs Easy to Use Counts 600 billsminute, With Addition and Batch function Specifications Versatiles:100-240V 5060Hz ACDC 4AA Batteries not Included
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    Persian cat available at Port Blair
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    S9 UV laser marks crystal complex patterns and characters, with smooth edges and no burrs Website: Whatsapp(Wechat): 1 Email: Everyone likes crystals that are crystal clear, and there are many objects in life that need to use crystal mater