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Cartoon Hard Enamel Pins

1 INR.
Cartoon Hard Enamel Pins

1.8’’ hard enamel pins with rose gold finish.

Custom Pins Size: 1.8"

Thickness: 1.2mm

Style: Hard Enamel Pins

Finish: Rose Gold Finish

Attachments: Rubber Cap

Yummy mochi is always popular among people, do you imagine these yummy mochis become lovely custom products? These Cartoon Hard Enamel Pins will lead you to learn the details. The cartoon hard enamel pins are handled by rose gold finish, make these pins have a shining feeling. and there is a rubber cap behind each pin that can make the pin firmly hold to your clothes, caps, bags, and so on. And if you want to create other cute enamel pins, can provide great help to you!

Panaji, 5880 Hampton Place, Unit 27, Vancouver, BC V2T 2E9, Canada



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