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Signature Surveillance is a specialist company in Integrated Electronic Security Systems. Signature Surveillance has its registered office at Tirupur and Coimbatore Tamilnadu.

Signature Surveillance is a specialist company in Integrated Electronic Security Systems. We are dealing with world-class CCTV Cameras and Security Systems to safeguard your property and assets. As a leading Dealers of Hikvision in Tirupur, Signature Surveillance has tailor-made solutions for Homes, Business, Factories, Educational Institutions, Banks and Places of worship. Signature Surveillance has its registered office at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. The company is the brainchild of a group of highly experienced automation engineers. Signature Surveillance is dedicated to ensuring qualitative and cost effective security systems to safeguard the areas that need 24 / 7 security.

Loss prevention is extremely important for any individual or a community or a business in the society. Signature Surveillance are designed to prevent losses that affect people, money, productivity and infrastructure. Security solutions we provide safeguards the mankind from threats arising due to crimes, fire accidents, natural disasters, errors and poor supervision. Our security services also include VNPR, Biometrics, Vehicle Security, Covert Systems, IP Networked Systems and Access Control. These security solutions can be customized according to the customer priorities and security needs, and it enables access to information’s related to security within your reach. Free installation and maintenance support is also provided through our customer support team and our services are available across Coimbatore, Dindigul, Tirupur areas.

Network video systems used in the retail industry supporting surveillance and monitoring facilitates customer and staff security. It also enhances sales and productivity. This incredible measure of surveillance enables prevention of theft that are common in small or large stores. A remarkable video capturing and maintenance of database encasing quality videos of activities happening inside the store is possible. This enhances the security of monitored work space.

Need for electronic surveillance systems in schools and colleges is a necessity. Tracking any student present inside the campus is much simpler through this, and moreover it allows taking quick actions in case of any emergency situations demanding urgent medical support. Also, it helps in taking qualitative security measures during the situations that leads to the destruction of schools property. It is also not possible for any stranger to intrude the college premises breaking the security. Similarly the places like malls and hospitals need surveillance cameras for various reasons related to security and prevention of loss of property. Electronic surveillance systems are highly essential for maintaining proper administration, treatment and safety. Main and important applications include, tracking of patients, newborn babies and staff. This is essential for dealing with emergency situations that are common in hospitals. For essential security reasons now days all the malls also have an electronic security surveillance unit which tracks the suspicious activities taking place inside the mall premises.

An impeccable blend of human intelligence and modern conveniences to improve the performance of a player in the ring. This portable quick deployment video monitoring system enables the coaches to monitor players performance during the game and also while training. This method of monitoring leverages latest HD camera with wide angle lens enabling a complete overview of the sporting activity. This is a qualitative means that improves the productivity of players and is an effective coaching aid for sports including football, rugby and tennis. These cameras can directly record the broadcast quality full 1080P HD to the laptop facilitating player performance monitoring and improvement.

Vehicle Number Plate Recognition is a qualitative security surveillance method that prevents unethical vehicle movements. This method of surveillance collects number plate information from the approaching vehicles and leverages the information for various security related operations.

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