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City Service Awards Lapel Pins

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City Service Awards Lapel Pins

Look at the City Service Awards Lapel Pins, which is a reward lapel pins for volunteers who insist on serving Palm Spring. The beautiful scenery of the city was printed in the middle of the silver pins and the theme of the Custom Pins was stamped on the edge. It is made by high-quality metal-bonded sandblasting process. The matte silver background sets off delicate bright silver metal glossy text and patterns. The sandblasting lapel pins is very beautiful and high-grade that is very suitable for a collection pins of reward or memorable significance. In cooperation with us, you can customize your beautiful Personality Lapel Pins with a minimum discount of 40%.

Size: 1.25"

Thickness: 1.2mm

Style: Die struck pins with sandblast

Finish: Silver Finish

Attachments: Butterfly clutch

Packaging: Individual Polybag

Car Nicobar, 20829 Valley Blvd.



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