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Joint Pain Relief Oil

198 INR.
Joint Pain Relief Oil

Marcogesic oil is a fusion of Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus oil & Linseed oil.
Peppermint oil is known for its cooling effect & also cures multiple pains such as headache, muscle pain, joint pain, itching, cough, cold & also stress.
Eucalyptus oil is an antioxidant, it cures dry skin, and it also heals the condition of cough.
Linseed oil is also known as flaxseed oil is known to prevent cancer cells & improve skin health.
Marcogesic oil is an allopathic medicine containing peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and linseed oil along with other ingredients that work as a pain reliever, inflammation reducer & also maintain skin health. Marcogesic Oil is an innovation in pain management. It gives a magic touch to relieve pain. Whenever you feel pain in muscles and low back, and sprain and strain, use this oil. It is also useful in frozen shoulder, spondylitis, rheumatic arthritis, and inflammatory joint diseases.

How to use Marcogesic oil?
Marcogesic oil is an oil use it as per the prescription or direction is written on the packaging. Apply a few drops of this oil on the affected area & massage gently till the oil completely absorb in the skin. Don’t apply it on cuts or infections also don’t put this oil into the eyes. In case of cold & blocked nose apply a few drops of Marcogesic oil on the chest & massage for a good 1-2 minutes gently.

Marcogesic oil is not just a pain reliever it is more than your expectation.
With increasing age, many problems also increase. Other types of pain like knee pain, shoulder and back pain are commonly seen in the elderly. Some people even have to go through an operation. But to remove the pain, surgery and medicines are not available to everyone. Marcogesic oil is valuable oil for physical pain. Its use provides relief in the pain of shoulders, knees, back and muscles.
Joint pain is commonly found in elderly people.The fluid between the bones or cartilage if gets reduced causes joint pain. Many people confuse it with calcium deficiency & start to intake calcium tablets but that leads to other health problems like the formation of stones in the body. Injuries & past accidents also contribute to joint pain but the primary reason is friction between bones due to the absence of synovial fluid. Marcogesic oil is a magic touch to relieve joint pain. Apply a few drops of Marcogesic oil on the painful region & massage gently for 1-2 minutes or till it absorbs into the skin completely. It gives You total freedom from joint pain to enjoy life through every lane.




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  • 198 INR.
    Marcogesic oil is a fusion of Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus oil & Linseed oil
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