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Galvanized Plain Sheet prices

Galvanized Plain Sheet prices

Galvanized Plain Sheet prices in Europe showed a downward trend in the fourth quarter of 2022 because of cautious consumer behavior and rising inventory levels. According to market participants, the market was rather quiet in October, and large manufacturers negotiated more export sales contracts for markets in neighboring Europe, like France. Several market participants reported in Mid-Q4 that distributors of Hot-Dipped Galvanized Plain Sheets were active because they needed to secure certain volumes for January. In December, a lack of purchasing interest in Galvanized Plain Sheets was caused by insufficient demand from the downstream automobile industry, combined with still-high stock levels at steel service centers and stockholders. In general, some customers feel the need to refill, but they prefer to hold off until the price has reached its lowest level before doing so for the first quarter of 2023. As a result, the price for Hot Dipped Galvanized Sheet (1 mm) for Ex Ruhr (Germany) was agreed upon at USD 796/MT.

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