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  • 5 000 INR.
    Persian Kittens for Sale @5K - Bangalore Persian Kitten 3 - Female Kitten Self Feeding Very Active and Playful Interested people can contact me: Jai Kishen 9513368783
  • 10 000 INR.
    2 months old Persian kitten up for sale
  • 5.50 INR.
    Persian kitten above 45 days with semi punch, doll face in gray and form colour
  • We have some cute lovely beautiful fun loving kittens that we want to give for adoption. To people who value and care about cats. These are not any fancy breeds but sweet local cats that we have been taking care of
  • 1 INR.
    Hi all I have a pure Black cat 3month old very playful friendly with everyone toiletries trained fixed price 1000 no bargain plz
  • 7.50 INR.
    Healthy clean and adorable Persian kittens Door step delivery availableContact 9
  • 10 INR.
    African n Europe breed 03 month kitty for sale
  • 21 INR.
  • 10 INR.
    Persian cat long coat 1 yr old (male) and 2 month kitten (m) long coat up for sale 10k and 15k respectively, vaccination is done with papers the are well fed and well bread both are doll face
  • 12 INR.
    Very very good quite and quality and firndly
  • Two kittens male (white) and female (gray colourpoint). Both three months old
  • A 10 month old male cat
  • 40 INR.
    They are male and female, aged about 2 and a half months old. both are blue eyed. The male is a white colour semi punch persian. The female is a gray colourpoint. They are being sold together, not seperately. And will only be sold in Bangalore